Saturday, November 8, 2008

Changing MSCRM Port number

Few months ago, One of my client asked me to change the CRM port number from 5555 to 80.
They were having some backup problems because of port 5555.
The process is very straight forward.

Step 1.
As usual take the backup of the orgname_MSCRM database.

Step 2.
Export all the customizations.

Step 3.
Go to IIS and change the port number of the MSCRM website to 80

Step 4.
Go to windows registry


a) Change the port number on ServerURL to your new port number

It looks like http://:5555/MSCRMServices.
To change the port number to 80 the url should look like

b)Change the port number on LocalSdkPort to your new port number.

Check if the CRM is working.

Step 5.
Run the outlook configuration Wizard to change the outlook client.
Choose the option change your configuration and add new URL for the MSCRM Server.

Step 6.
Change the Email Router configuration. To do that

a) Go to Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-mail Router Configuration Manager.

b) On the Deployments tab, update any deployments that are set up to use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server that uses the new URL.
c)Click Publish to save the changes.

You are ready to go.

I had a problem at this stage. Email Router configuration wizard did not accept the new SERVERURL.

So I downloaded CRM Deployment Configuration Tool from

Go to command prompt, type the path to the directory that contains the Microsoft.crm.deploymentconfigtool.exe file, and then run the following commands to correct this setting:

microsoft.crm.deploymentconfigtool addresssettings update -webapprootdomain:crmserver:portnumber
microsoft.crm.deploymentconfigtool addresssettings update -sdkrootdomain:crmserver:portnumber

That's it

Good Luck