Monday, September 7, 2015

Creating CRM apps with Project Siena

In my last blog, I used Project Siena to create a mobile app for my blog. While going through all the samples and tutorials, I came across this sample Project Siena: Dynamics CRM Online sample. The sample also contains a step by step guide to connect to CRM Online in Project Siena.

This is the link “Step by Step guide to connect to CRM Online” to the guide.

I followed all the steps but I was not able to retrieve any data from the CRM.

When I tried to test the functions listed in the WADL file, I got the following error after

“There was an error in retrieving sample data. Error : The resource owner or authorization server denied the request”

The problem is that one step is missing in the step by step guide. After adding the app in “Windows Azure”, we need to add “Dynamic CRM Online” in “permissions to other applications” as shown in the screen shot below.


After you done that. You can retest the function and this time you will get the results as shown in the screen shot below.


Now you can test your sample application.