Thursday, February 5, 2015

Microsoft CRM publisher stuck on “Initializing” in Scribe Insight

If you are trying to create a CRM publisher in Scribe Insight and it is stuck on “Initializing” as shown in the screen shot below:
It means that there is something wrong.


If you check in the event viewer, you may find the following error:
An unexpected error occurred.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Publisher
Error setting publisher settings: System.Messaging.MessageQueueException (0x80004005): Invalid queue path name.
   at System.Messaging.MessageQueue.ResolveFormatNameFromQueuePath(String queuePath, Boolean throwException)
   at System.Messaging.MessageQueue.Exists(String path)
   at Scribe.AdapterBase.Publisher.QueueService.InitPublisherQueues(String pubInQueueName, String pubSucceededQueueName, String pubFailedQueueName)
   at Scribe.AdapterBase.Publisher.ScribePubWorkerBase.InitPublisherQueues()
   at Scribe.AdapterBase.Publisher.ScribePubWorkerBase.setSettings(String settingsXML, String entitiesXML, Object lastRunTime, Object lastRunTimeUTC)
The error suggests that there is problem with the path of the queue


Compare the queue names in the CRM publisher and message queues in component services as shown in the following screen shots.
image image
If the queue names are different then we have to update the queue names in the internal database.
Note: I don’t know if this is a supported solution.
  1. Backup your ScribeInternal database.
  2. Look into the scribe.bridges table and find the bridgeid of your CRM publisher. All the publisher settings including the queues are stored in the settings column.
  3. Now update the settings column with the proper queue paths.
Note: Settings column stores the data as XML. Please be careful when updating the column.