Monday, August 29, 2011

CRM2011 User Settings Utility

Hi Guys, I have created this CRM2011 utility tool that will help administrators to update personal settings of multiple users with  just few clicks. This is also my first codeplex project. Here is the link
Please leave feedback and suggestions.



  1. how do you run it, where do you access the the application

  2. It's a managed solution. You import the solution and it will create a link in settings area. Codeplex project have some screen shots.

  3. Ca you send me the source code ( it's urgent for a client and we cannot do this thorugh a solution. It's for a conversion app we are working on.

  4. I can't view the list of user, any idea for the problem?

    I've installed it in CRM 2011 rollup 5 in Windows server 2008 R2 with SQL server 2008 R2, but the user, business unit and all other fields view no values.

    You can contact at

    1. I've resolved my issue, the problem that I've tried to contact crm site from internet URL, but this plugin works only with URL = internal name machine.

  5. we had installed this on 2011 on-premise crm . now we have upgraded to 2016 on-premise , Is it work for 2016 ?