Friday, December 30, 2011

Step by step tutorial to add an entity URL to an email in a workflow

Rollup 5 introduced some new features in CRM2011. One of them is to add  an entity URL to an email in workflow. Before rollup 5, it used to be a  complicated process.We don't need to create custom workflow assemblies to this any more.. Still, there are a lot of people asking the same question “How to add entity URLs to emails in workflows” in CRM Forums.
Here is the step by step tutorial to add an entity URL to an email in a workflow.
1.    Start a new workflow.
2.    To send an email. Click on “Add Step” and choose “Send Email”. It will open up a following screen.pic 
3.    Add the information as required and to add the hyperlink, click on hyperlink icon shown in red circle in the above screen shot. It will open up a following screen.
4.    In “Text to display”. Enter the text to you would want to display. I am displaying the full name of the contact. It can be any string.
5.    Select the “URL” text box . When you look through the available fields. You can see a new option “Record URL (Dynamic)”. Click on that and press Ok.  The email will look like following screen.pic3  6.    Press save and close. Publish the workflow and you are good to go.


  1. We have IFD with our CRM application and when I set up a workflow with the Insert Hyperlink, the link that generated was for our Claims Based IFD environment. Is there any way to ensure that the link sends you to the Internal site?

    1. I am curious if you ever resolved this issue with the external address in dynamic url
      I am facing the same issue.

    2. I am planning on creating a hidden field on the form I want to send a link to that stores the GUID and from there I can create the link to my Internal site

  2. How to get a link on crm4?

  3. When I click the link generated in Email (Record URL) it doesn't open and gives this error:-

    "Query Builder Error

    The specified record type does not exist in Microsoft Dynamics CRM"