Thursday, May 30, 2013

CRM2011 and GeoFlow

Two weeks ago, I have attended a CRM infrastructure course at CRM enterprise academy. During this course, we were shown a demo of a new Excel 2013 add-in named GeoFlow.  It is a BI tool that can turn the thousands of rows of  data with some spatial information into interactive 3D tour on Bing Maps. It is still in beta and can be downloaded from here.

The example we were shown was using the leads data from CRM2011 with the city and lead source information. It was amazing. I don’t have a lot of CRM data right now but I managed to get some rental bond data for suburbs in NSW Australia. I tried to compare the rental bond data for different suburbs for the month of march in 2007, 2010 and 2013. Here is the screen shot.


This is how it looks like in real time.  You can do a whole lot of things with GeoFlow . For example adding multiple scenes, zoom in or out of the map, adding annotations, choosing chart types and selecting an item on the map to get more information etc.



Have a look at the article from Microsoft Research.

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