Thursday, November 10, 2016

Duplication Detection Bugs in Dynamics 365

Duplicate Detection functionality has a bug in Dynamics 365. If you run a duplicate detection job or try to create a duplicate record, the system will display an empty duplicate detection dialog as shown in the screen shot below.


The Updated Record and Potential Duplicate Records grids do not show any records.

Also if you are updating records in the editable grid the system does not trigger the duplicate detection rules. The system will not display any duplicate detection dialog.


  1. Come on Microsoft... Why break existing functionality which has been working for years!

    Thanks for the share Amreek

  2. Recently came across this problem - and this was the only blog post that I found that discussed this problem. The fix we came up with was that the user executing the Duplicate Detection Rule only had permission (via their Security Role) to read Rules in their Business Unit; however the Duplicate Detection Rule was defined by a user in a parent Business Unit. Changing the permission so that the executing user had organization-read seemed to fix the problem and the duplicate results were displayed as expected