Monday, May 18, 2009

Bulk Emails with attachments using MSCRM Templates

Hi Guyz,
I am working on a custom application from last few weeks. The application will send bulk emails with attachments using MSCRM templates. This functionality does not exist in MSCRM.

The coding is almost finished. I am working on a deployment package.
Any suggestions welcome. Here are few screen shots of the application.

  1. Choose a sender: Sender can be a user or a queue. User can send an email on behalf of another user

  2. Choose an entity: Entity can be account, contact,lead or an opportunity

  3. Choose a list: Based on the choosen entity in step 2, the system will display advanced find queries available for selected entity and sender.

  4. Choose a template: Based on the choosen entity in step 2, the system will display all the available templates available for selected entity and sender.

  5. Attach the files: Choose a file to attach and press attach butoon as shoen in the screen shot above.

  6. Files can be removed by clicking on remove link as shown in the screen shot above.

  7. The user have an option to send a test email by clicking send test email button.

Send test email button will bring up lookup screen for the entity. For e.g. Account lookup in the screen shot below

Choose the test record and email will be sent to the selected record.
Check your test email, if every thing looks alright send the bulk email by clicking Send Email button.
This application is for sale like an addon. The sale price is $3000. The price is in Australian dollars. Please conatct me if you are interested.


  1. Brillant it's great

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  3. It looks like the kind of add-on my company would use.
    I’ve sent you an email with my details.

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