Monday, October 25, 2010

CRM 2011 Beta - Sharepoint Integration Bug


I am playing around with crm 2011 beta from last few weeks and I found a bug in crm-sharepoint integration. It occurs when you select your document management folder structure based on the entity, in my case I chose "account".

If you create an account with spaces ("my test account"), click on the documents on left navigation bar, the system will prompt you to create a folder (htttp://localhost/account/my test account"). Press yes and system will create a folder "my test account" in sharepoint.

Now create a new opportunity ("opportunity 1") and click on the documents on the left navigation bar. The system will prompt you to create a folder ("htttp://localhost/account/my test account/opportunity/opportuynity 1"). Press yes,
the system will come back with the following message:

and the system will create a folder anyway.

Now if you create another record like opportunity or invoice and click on documents the system will ask you to create the folder like ("htttp://localhost/account/my-test- account/opportunity/opportuynity 3"). Press yes and the system will create a new account folder "my-test- account" and create the "opportunity/opportunity 3" folder.

Every time you create a new folder for any related entity it will work properly and create all the sub folders in "my-test- account". But the first opportunity record still displays the error message. You do have an option to correct the location, buts it’s a bug and you end up with 2 folders, one with spaces and one with "-" s.

Good bye.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information. This step by step demonstration has made it quite easy to understand and implement the process. I am able to do it very easily.