Wednesday, October 5, 2011

CRM2011 User Settings Utility 2.0

Here I am with User Settings Utility 2.0. I have added some more features to version 1.0.

Here is a complete list of new features.
  1. Ability to filter users based on  Business Unit names.
  2. Ability to set the email options
    • Allow other users to send emails on user's behalf
    • Track Email Messages
    • Create Records from tracked email
  3. Ability to add/remove Startup Pane
  4. Ability to open the advance find in simple or detailed mode
  5. Ability to set Error Notification Preference
Here is link to download the solution from codeplex.

Screen Shot

Good Luck.


  1. This is nice and a step in the right direction we have been discussing an administration area to see users on CRM, what they are downloading, how they are accessing CRM, etc.

  2. My company has 8,000+ Users in 200+ Business Units and we REALLY need this tool to help administer CRM. However, there seems to be a maximum number of selections that can be made. When I select All, it seems to ignore the request.

    What is the maximum number of selections?

    Is there a timeout or wait setting/registry entry to allow a lager number of Users to be selected?

    Can the tool be modified to:
    Allow for 8,000+ selections?

    Allow for subsets to be selected by means other than single-clicking each user? Like Ctrl or Shift-Clicking?

  3. Does this work with CRM Online?

  4. does this tool work for MS CRM 2013 Online ?

  5. it should. I tested on 2013 on premise and it was working.

  6. How do you control permissions to use the tool?

  7. HI Amreek. It was working for me on CRM 2011 on-premises but now I have upgraded my CRM to 2015. It is not working in CRM 2015.