Saturday, May 12, 2012

Modifying Duplicate Detection View

Someone asked the question on CRM forum  on “ How to modify the duplicate detection view ?” Here is the answer. Duplicate detection view is combination of static and dynamic columns of an entity. Have a look at the following screen shot.


  1. “Potential duplicate records” have 2 extra columns than the “My new record” column.  These columns are Status and “Modified On”. These  columns are present on every duplicate detection view. You can’t remove them.
  2. Some of the columns in duplicate detection views come from the “Duplicate Detection Rules” set for an entity. System picks up these columns automatically. You can’t these fields either.
  3. Rest of the columns for e.g. “Primary Contact”, “Address1_City” in the the above screen shot can be changed. we can remove them. we can add more columns to the view. Here is the trick. These columns comes from the “Lookup View” of an entity. we can add/remove columns to the view. Have a look at the “Account Lookup View”.


Good Luck.


  1. Can you add columns from related views? They seem to be getting ignored from my detection view and wondered if you had found the same issue?

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