Sunday, December 30, 2012

Displaying associated views for the relationships missing in relationship explorer.

In CRM2011 we have relationship explorer as shown in screen shot.
We can drag any available relationship from the relationship explorer to the form navigation. The navigation link will display the associated view for that relationship.

The problem is that the relationship explorer does not display all the relationships. For e.g.  system relationship between user and leads(to display all the leads owned by the user).
We can use the following URL to display any associated view.
http://servername/orgname/userdefined/areas.aspx?oId=<guid of the entity>&oType=<entity type code>&pagemode=iframe&security=852023&tabSet=<relationship shema name>

I got this URL from the existing associated views. There are few more parameters that can be passed to this URL like formid but they are optional.

Replace the highlighted values with the values from your deployment.
Here is an example of the URL with all the values. This URL will display the associated view of the leads owned by the user specified in the URL.

I hope this helps.

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  1. Any idea on why this is not working?