Friday, October 18, 2013

Client side notifications in CRM2013- Part 2

This is second part of my last blog Client side notifications in CRM2013- Part 1. This blog will explain how to display notifications on form level.

Important points regarding form level notifications

  • You can display multiple notifications on form.
  • The height of the notification area is limited so If you have too many notification then user may have to scroll down to see the rest of notifications.
  • The new notification is added at the top of notification area.
The following 2 methods are available to display and clear the notification on form.
  1. setFormNotification  - Xrm.Page.ui.setFormNotification(message, level, uniqueId);
  2. There are 3 parameters for this method
    • message- The text of the notification
    • level- it decides the icon infront of the message. It can be an “ERROR” or a “WARNING” or a “INFO”
    • unique- It can be any unique text string. it has to be unique as we use this uniqueId to clear the notification
  3. clearFormNotification  - Xrm.Page.ui.clearFormNotification(uniqueId);
  4. There is only one parameter for this method
    • uniqueId – it is same that is used to set the form notification

For this blog I have created two functions. 
  • formNotification1 – This function displays an error notification if the value of  “noofemplyees” attribute is less than 5.
  • formNotification2– This function displays an warning notification if the value of  “address1_postalcode” attribute is not 2150.


function formNotification1()
     //check if the value is greater than 5
    if (Xrm.Page.getAttribute("numberofemployees").getValue() <= 5) {

         //set the notification with an error icon
         Xrm.Page.ui.setFormNotification("Employees number should be more than 5", "ERROR", "noofemployees");
       //clear the notification

function formNotification2()
     //check if the postal code is not 2150
    if (Xrm.Page.getAttribute("address1_postalcode").getValue() != "2150") {

         //set the notification with a warning icon
         Xrm.Page.ui.setFormNotification("Account is not located in Parramatta", "WARNING", "postcode");
       //clear the notification



setNotication VS setFormNotification

setNotification setFormNotification
set notification on the control set notification on the form
can create just one notification per control can create multiple notification on the form
only supports error notifications supports error, warning and info notifcations
can’t save the form without clearing the notification can save the form with the notifications

If you are interested in creating a similar functionality in CRM2011, check one of my old blog How to display a warning message on the CRM form. It looks like Microsoft has copied our idea.

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