Sunday, January 24, 2016

How to fix the date format in CRM Notes

A few months ago, one of our customers reported that CRM was displaying an incorrectly formatted date on the notes. The issue was that the “Created On/ Modified On” date on notes was showing American date format (mm/dd/yyyy).
The CRM "System Settings" is configured to use “Australian English” format and so does the user options including the time zone. We are working with CRM2013 (on-premise).
The following screen shot is displaying the record and a note attached to that record. These records were created on the same date.
The “Created On” date is displaying the correct date 12th of March 2015 but the notes are showing “Thursday, 3 December 2015”.
I don’t know the reason behind this problem but I found a solution on this forum.


  1. Logon to the CRM server. Open the IIS Manager.
  2. Navigate to “Microsoft Dynamics CRM” site and click on “.Net Globalization”. IIS Manager will display the following screen.

  3. Change the culture value to “English (United States)”
  4. Apply the change and restart the website.
  5. Open the record and check the dates on the Notes. It should display the right date now.

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