Monday, February 19, 2018

Calling Dynamics 365 actions from Logic Apps

Continuing on from my last post, “Calling D365 Web APIs from Logic Apps”, this post will walk you through how to call D365 actions from Logic Apps.
I have created a global action. This action is not doing anything meaningful yet, it simply takes an input parameter and appends “Your Input was” to the front of it, and returns it as an output parameter. Here are the screenshots of the action.
The above screenshot displays the Assign step of the action.

Calling the action from Logic Apps

I have used the Logic App I created in my last blog and modified it slightly. I have only made changes to Step 4 of the app.
For calling an action:
  • Use Post as Method.
  • Provide the D365 Web API Uri. The last part of the Uri is the name of the action I am calling. In this case it is new_ActionLogicApp.
  • Provide the input parameter of the action in the Body.
      “Input”: “MyString”
Save the Logic App and test it.


I have attached a screenshot of Step 4 after execution.

So there we go, we have successfully called a CRM action from the Logic App.

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