Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Social CRM has finally arrived

Social CRM is finally here, bigger and better than ever before. So what is social CRM? According to Wikipedia
“Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is use of social media services, techniques and technology to enable organisations to engage with their customers”
Microsoft is trying to incorporate social into dynamic CRM for some time.

First came the “Activity feeds”. It brought the social sites like features into CRM. Activities feed provides the face book like functionalities. You can follow the accounts, contacts, users and opportunities etc. and write post on the walls like face book. But it is still the communication between internal users.

Then came the “Yammer” integration in roll up 12. It took the conversation out to the external customers. You can communicate with internal users and customers using yammer integration. It is a work in progress and it may kill the activity feed in future.

And now comes the Netbreeze. I am very excited about this collaboration. Microsoft acquired Netbreeze, a social media monitoring and analytics company. I did not go the convergence 2013 but I have an access to “Virtual Convergence”. There are a lot of new features coming out in the next release but Netbreeze integration is my favourite one.

The demo was just amazing. The demo was regarding social feeds for CRM products. Here are some of screen sheets.

You can analyse the product you are interested in. For example the following screen shot displays the information about Microsoft CRM.

You can drill down further to any of the above information. For example channels or sentiments as shown in the following screen shots.


You an drill down further to the individual posts. You can even respond to the feeds straight from the system.

There are a lot of other things you can do. Anyway I believe it’s a start of an exciting journey.

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  1. Thanks Amreek...

    I agree with you, it is a start for a great journey. I can see that the definition of CRM is changing with the increased technological channels.

  2. Exiting news indeed. Looking forward to the next update!

    I guess there is no posibility for others to test this out right away? or?

    1. No it is not available for testing right now.

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  4. Thank you Amreek for the post and the screenshots. I'm very interested in Netbreeze; with the increasing emphasis on Customer Experience Management and the need for analytics that include social media, sentiments analysis etc this is critical in being able to position Dynamics CRM as a strategic CEM solution.